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8th Grade Draw


2014 Champions - Te Aroha

All games are scheduled to start at 10am – however by mutual arrangement times and venues may be changed.  Please advise Referee and Union office immediately if changed.


Round 1


Saturday 12th April

Mercury Bay          50           v                  Paeroa           25         

Te Aroha               30           v                  Waihi             30                 

Thames                            BYE


Saturday 19th April

On the agreement of both coaches – these games may be played during the week leading up to Easter or in the first week back in term 2. Either way - all of this round of games must be completed by Friday 9th May 2014


Waihi                    50           v                  Paeroa           20           

Thames                 15           v                  Te Aroha        35         

Mercury Bay                     BYE


Saturday 10th May

Paeroa                  20           v                  Te Aroha        50         

Mercury Bay          70           v                  Thames          0     

Waihi                               BYE


Saturday 17th May

Thames                 20           v                  Paeroa          45                  

Waihi                    10           v                  Mercury Bay   25         

Te Aroha                          BYE





Saturday 24th May

Mercury Bay          50           v                  Te Aroha         30                

Thames                10           v                  Waihi              60                 

Paeroa                             BYE

Round 2


Saturday 31st May

Paeroa                 0            v                  Mercury Bay       35            

Waihi                   85          v                  Te Aroha            45            

Thames                            BYE


Wednesday 4th June

Paeroa                 5            v                  Waihi                 30       

Te Aroha              50            v                  Thames             0         

Mercury Bay                     BYE

Saturday 7th June

Te Aroha             50             v                  Paeroa             5      

Thames               5             v                  Mercury Bay       70    

Waihi                               BYE


Saturday 14th June

Paeroa                30             v                  Thames           35        

Mercury Bay        30             v                  Waihi               10     

Te Aroha                          BYE


Saturday 21st June

Te Aroha             25             v                  Mercury Bay     20

Waihi                  90              v                  Thames            0

Paeroa                             BYE


Round 3


Saturday 28th June

Mercury Bay        40             v                  Paeroa               5    

Te Aroha             30            v                  Waihi                 25    

Thames                            BYE


Tuesday 1st July

Waihi                                 v                  Paeroa                             @       Waihi

Thames              0              v                  Te Aroha           65   

Mercury Bay                     BYE


Saturday 5th July

Paeroa                                v                  Te Aroha                          @       Paeroa

Mercury Bay      90               v                  Thames             0

Waihi                               BYE


Saturday July 12th & 19th SCHOOL HOLIDAYS – NO RUGBY


Saturday 26th July

Thames                            v                  Paeroa                             @       Thames

Waihi                               v                  Mercury Bay                     @       Waihi

Te Aroha                          BYE


Saturday 2nd August

Mercury Bay                     v                  Te Aroha                          @       Whitianga

Thames                            v                  Waihi                               @       Thames

Paeroa                             BYE



Saturday 9th August - FINALS DAY

1                                    v                 2

Thames Valley Rugby Football Union Inc,
Apr 16, 2014, 3:25 PM
Thames Valley Rugby Football Union Inc,
Apr 16, 2014, 3:34 PM