4th Grade Draw 2015


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4th Grade Draw as of 23rd April 2015

All 4th Grade games are scheduled to start at 10am – however by mutual arrangement, times and venues may be changed. Please advise Referee and Union Office immediately if changed.



Round 1 – Frank Treanor Trophy

Round 2 – Bob Passey Cup - Championship


The Ted Engebretsen Shield is on all games up to and including the last round robin game of round 2.

Points go back to zero after Round 1.

Round 1 – Frank Treanor Trophy

Saturday 2nd May

Te Aroha              47            v                  Mercury Bay      0      Te Aroha               10.00am

Waihi                   95           v                  Hauraki Plains     7      Waihi                     10.00am

Thames                           BYE


Saturday 9th May

Thames                32            v                  Te Aroha         15       Thames                  10.00am

Hauraki Plains       37            v                  Mercury Bay     15       Ngatea                   10.00am

Waihi                               BYE


Saturday 16th May

Te Aroha              17           v                  Waihi                68     Te Aroha                10.00am

Mercury Bay         26           v                  Thames             49      Whitianga               10.00am

Hauraki Plains                   BYE


Saturday 23rd May

Hauraki Plains       10            v                  Te Aroha          29      Ngatea                   10.00am

Waihi                   40            v                  Thames            48      Waihi                     10.00am

Mercury Bay                     BYE


Saturday 30th May

Mercury Bay         12            v                  Waihi                58     Whitianga               10.00am

Thames                98            v                  Hauraki Plains     5     Thames                  10.00am

Te Aroha                          BYE

Round 2 & 3 – Bob Passey Cup


Saturday 6th June

Mercury Bay         19            v                  Te Aroha           15     Whitianga               10.00am

Hauraki Plains        7            v                  Waihi                 67     Ngatea                   10.00am

Thames                            BYE


Wednesday 10th June

Waihi                  20             v                  Thames            43      Paeroa Domain       5.30pm

Te Aroha             59             v                  Hauraki Plains   27      Paeroa Domain       7.00pm

Mercury Bay                     BYE


Saturday 13th June

Waihi                 39              v                  Te Aroha          17      Waihi                     10.00am

Thames              87              v                  Mercury Bay       5     Thames                  10.00am

Hauraki Plains                   BYE

Saturday 20th June

Te Aroha            0              v                  Thames            43      Te Aroha                10.00am

Mercury Bay      12               v                 Hauraki Plains   22       Whitianga               10.00am

Waihi                               BYE


Saturday 27th June

Hauraki Plains   17                v                  Thames          49        Ngatea                   10.00am

Te Aroha                          BYE


Tuesday 30th June

Waihi                79               v                  Mercury Bay     5       Waihi                     TBC

Saturday July 4th

Te Aroha                              v                 Mercury Bay               Te Aroha                10.00am

Waihi                 79              v                  Hauraki Plains   26      Waihi                     10.00am

Thames                            BYE



Saturday 18th July

Thames              39              v                  Waihi                 5    Thames                  10.00am

Mercury Bay                     BYE

Tuesday 21st July

Hauraki Plains      12             v                  Te Aroha            55    Ngatea                   4pm

Saturday 25th July

Te Aroha            34              v                  Waihi                 41    Te Aroha                10.00am

Mercury Bay        0                v                  Thames             0      Whitianga               10.00am

Hauraki Plains                   BYE


Saturday 1st August

Thames             56               v                  Te Aroha           0     Thames                    10.00am

Hauraki Plains    39               v                  Mercury Bay      29      Ngatea                   10.00am

Waihi                               BYE


Saturday 8th August

Mercury Bay                     v                  Waihi                     Whitianga               10.00am

Thames                            v                  Hauraki Plains         Thames                  10.00am

Te Aroha                          BYE


Saturday 15th August – FINALS DAY – PAEROA

1                                    v                 2

Thames Valley Rugby Football Union Inc,
May 4, 2015, 8:45 PM